Czech Hotels Don’t Attract Foreign Tourists Anymore (Ceske Hotely Jiz Nelakaji Zahranicni Turisty)

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Many of you may already know that the Czech Republic is overcrowded by tourists. Our visit to Prague last Christmas definitely confirmed this. All squares and main streets were congested by tourists from around the world. During this year, the number of tourists increased further, but according to Czech statistical offices, the number of nights spent in Czech hotels has decreased, as well as interest in Czech hotels. Could it be due to a bad economic situation in the world?


During this year, 4.4 million guests visited Czech hotels and other types of accommodation, which was 3.3 percent less than last year and durations of stay even decreased by 5.9 percent. Cheaper types of accommodation had even greater decreases; not to mention tourist camps and hostels. This data gathered from January through September of 2008 already confirms that both interests in Czech hotels and lengths of stays ware reduced compared to the previous year.


And which foreigners have lowered their visits to the Czech Republic the most? Americans, Brits, Italians and Germans. On the other hand, Poles, Slovaks, and Russians increased their visits to Czech hotels but they could not replace the significant decrease created by other foreigners.


One reason for this might be the economic situation in the world and particularly in the United States. The Czech crown has made gains compared with the U.S. dollar and other foreign currencies. Czechs also traveled abroad instead of their more traditional holiday trips in the Czech Republic as a result of the strong crown. The table below shows the top ten foreign declines and the increases in Czech hotels.





Mnoho z vas asi vi, ze Ceska republika je preplnena turisty. Nase navsteva Prahy minule Vanoce to take potvrdila. Vsechna namesti a hlavni ulice byly preplneny turisty z celeho sveta. Behem tohoto roku se pocet turistu jeste zvysil, ale podle statistickych uradu se pocet noci stravenych v ceskyho hotelech snizil a zajem o ceske hotely ubyl. Muze to byt diky spatne ekonomicke situaci ve svete?


Behem tohoto roku navstivilo ceska ubytovaci zarizeni 4,4 milionu hostu, coz je o 3,3 procenta mene nez minuly rok. Pocet stravenych noci se ale snizil o 5,9 procent. Levnejsi ubytovaci zarizeni na tom byly jeste hure a o kempech a turistickych ubytovnach ani nemluve. Tyto udaje od ledna do zari 2008 jiz potvrdily, ze v porovnani s minulym rokem zajem o ceske hotely poklesl a delka pobytu se take snizila.


No a kteri cizinci snizili svou navstevnost ceske republiky? Americani, Britove, Italove a Nemci. Naopak Polaku, Slovaku a Rusu v ceskych hotelech pribyva, ale nemohou nahradit tento znacny pokles, ktery byl vytvoren ostatnimi cizinci.


Jednim z duvodu muze byt ekonomicka situace ve svete a zejmena ve Spojenych Statech. Ceska koruna je vysoka v porovnani s americkym dolarem ale i dalsi zahranicni menou. Cesi take mohli se silnou korunou cestovat do zahranici misto tradicnich dovolenych v Cechach. Tabulka s deseti hlavnimi zahranicnimi turisty nize ukazuje poklesy a narusty v ceskych hotelech.



Pocet Zahranicnich Turistu v ceskych hotelech (01 – 09/2008):

Narodnost (Nationality)

Pocet Turistu (Number of Turists

Porovnani s 2007 (Comparison to 2007)

  • 1. Nemci (Germans)
1 149 256 -4.8%
  • 2. Britove (Brits)
373 393 -7%
  • 3. Rusove (Russians)
323 995 +34.6%
  • 4. Polaci (Poles)
309 297 +24.4%
  • 5. Italove (Italians)
298 959 -7.3%
  • 6. Americane (Americans)
241 936 -2.6%
  • 7. Slovaci (Slovaks)
240 563 +0.6%
  • 8. Spanele (Spaniards)
207 417 +3.2%
  • 9. Nizozemci (Dutch)
199 472 -5.8%
  • 10. Francouzi (French)
185 971 +1.3%


Data ceskeho statistickeho uradu za rok 2007 ZDE.

More information (Vice informaci):







2 thoughts on “Czech Hotels Don’t Attract Foreign Tourists Anymore (Ceske Hotely Jiz Nelakaji Zahranicni Turisty)

  1. It used to be pretty cheap to go on Czech vacation. It is not anymore. It started with the stupid fuel surcharge on plane tickets that almost doubled the ticket price and now it’s the devalvation of dollar making the trip so much more expensive. It’s cheaper to go on a cruise to Caribbean.

  2. We agree. When we went there last time for 3 weeks, we ended up paying $3000 for a car rental. Everything was very expensive and our trip was pretty stressful. I think we would have more fun if we would go to Caribbean.

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