Celebrates One Year Anniversary ( slaví 1. výročí)

Článek v ČEŠTINĚ dole (Klikněte na “Read the rest …”)

Ilustrace: Miloslav HeřmánekToday is a special day for, because we celebrate our first anniversary. The past twelve months were really amazing and we can’t wait to see what is ahead of us. Less than 6 months ago, we also introduced another affiliate named PLUS that brings lots of interesting articles from our talented authors that live all over the world. That is why we believe it is time to tell you more about our site and introduce to you our team of volunteers that contribute to the site.

As you already know, is a site that is dedicated to Czech and Slovak heritage. We try to bring to you articles that strike our attention. They can be related to our culture, history, cuisine, politics or other news. We strive to use only relevant stories and usually those that are not covered in other magazines or newspapers.

When we created this website, we wanted it to be a center of information for everybody. That is why we created a public forum, events calendar, and page with links to other organizations and clubs. We also became partners with many of them or we donated small contributions for their missions and goals. From time to time you can read about them or sign up for our sweepstakes, where they donate their products or services so you can learn more about them. Most of these organizations are non-profit or small family businesses that try to keep our heritage alive and visible around the world.

Ilustrace: Miloslav HeřmánekIn the middle of May we started our Czech-Only magazine PLUS. Thanks to our partner, we were introduced to many talented authors that were eager to work with us. Thanks to them we publish articles related to Czech or Slovak happenings, history, nature or opinions and humorous stories. The fact that they are accompanied by illustrations and photographs from authors or our extraordinary illustrators, makes them even more special. We are very proud that we can work with people like them and they truly bring lots of value to the site.

So, how did we start? A year ago it was just two of us Czech folks, Daniela Olszova and Paul Nelson, thinking about how we can contribute to our heritage. We are both Czech-Americans that are fluent in both languages. Since we live in the USA, we wanted to make sure we keep our native language alive and that we know what is happening back in our home country. Even though many of our relatives live in the Czech Republic, we have strong ties to Slovakia, where our grandparents come from. That is why we try to bring stories from both of the countries.

When we started, we did not know how much time we could contribute to the since we spent about 10 hours a day at our jobs. That did not stop us from our dream and we spent many nights and weekends on designing the site and its content. We divided our responsibility based on our time and abilities. Daniela, born in the former Czechoslovakia, was responsible for the website design, programming, articles and collaborations with other organizations. Paul, born in the USA, was responsible for the content as well and editing each and every article that was published. Throughout the year we met many people that also wanted to volunteer their time and energy on making the site better and we continue working with them on a regular basis.

Ilustrace: František FrK Kratochvíl

Our PLUS magazine emerged as a collaborative effort of dozens of volunteers around the world. Authors with many backgrounds (lawyers, writers, journalists, poets, actors, photographers, teachers, politicians, composers, editors, blue-collar workers and more) joined the magazine to create such wonderful content. All the articles are their original stories enriched by beautiful illustrations and photographs exclusively created for the magazine. Our PLUS page header was also created by one of our illustrators (below) that made a collage of images from San Diego (where we live) and Prague in the Czech Republic showing our ties with our home country. We are honored to publish articles that take so much time, effort, knowledge, passion and talent on our site and would like to thank everybody for the efforts and dedication to the site as well as our readers and fans for their support and loyalty.




Kateřina Erlebachovájosef-fousekblanka-kubesova

ivan-kolarikkovar-pavelDobromila Lebrová

milan-markovic31Stanislav Motlelena-paclova

pavel-paveknovinar-a-fotograf-milan-richtermoc2Martina Roe




lucie-hendrychovaKrystyna Elzbieta Klosowski




Eva Rydrychová for creating our page header (za vytvoření záhlaví PLUSu)
František FrK Kratochvíl for many ilustrations, including our anniversary ilustrations (za mnoho ilustrací, včetně ilustrace pro toto výročí)
Miloslav Heřmánek for anniversary ilustrations (pro vytvoření ilustrace pro toto výročí)
Jan Filip (not listed in our photos) (není v seznamu fotobrafií)
Aleš Pachner (not listed in our photos) (není v seznamu fotografií)
Petr Chalupa (not listed in our photos) (není v seznamu fotobrafií)
Vladislav Drahoš (not listed in our photos) (není v seznamu fotobrafií)
Tomáš Hasler (not listed in our photos) (není v seznamu fotobrafií)
Petr Hromádko (not listed in our photos) (není v seznamu fotobrafií)
Mirko Janeček (not listed in our photos) (není v seznamu fotobrafií)
Vladimír Kulíček (not listed in our photos) (není v seznamu fotobrafií)
Frank Nykl (not listed in our photos) (není v seznamu fotobrafií)
Zdeněk Reich (not listed in our photos) (není v seznamu fotobrafií)
Jana Reichová (not listed in our photos) (není v seznamu fotobrafií)
Karel Trinkewitz (not listed in our photos) (není v seznamu fotobrafií)
Marek Veselý (not listed in our photos) (není v seznamu fotobrafií)
Ludvik Grigoras for support and ideas (za podporu a nápady)
Tomas Trzos for support and feedback (za podporu a informace)
Václav Židek for his tremendous efforts to make our site succesful (za jeho obrovskou obětavost aby tyto stránky byly úspěšné)
Pavel Loužecký for his help in starting our PLUS magazine (za jeho pomoc při začátcích PLUSu)


2 thoughts on “ Celebrates One Year Anniversary ( slaví 1. výročí)

  1. Blahopreji k 1.vyroci a vynikajici kvalite CF & CF Plus. Dal jsem si vas do bookmarks hned vedle Pozitivnich novin a snazim se vas vsude propagovat (kdyz si vzpomenu), tak jako i par dalsich veci. Jedinou malou pripominku bych mel k vasim nepresnym casum v ruznych mestech. Nezapominejte ze je take letni cas. Zde je adresa na svetove casy:
    Preji mnoho zdaru a dobrych clanku do mnoha a mnoha dalsich let.
    Lada Krivanek, Montreal

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