Petition to Reconsider the Decision for Closing the Consulate in Montreal (Petice proti zrušení konzulátu České republiky v Montrealu)

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The Government of the Czech Republic has decided to close down our 90 year old Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Montreal on March 31. 2010

For 90 years the Czech Consulate in Montreal, a landmark and relevant member of the diplomatic community in Canada and Montreal in particular, has efficiently provided consular services and placed its substantial cultural, educational, humanitarian and scientific resources, not only for the disposition of Czechs and Canadians, but also for persons and institutions of a wide array of nationalities from the rest of the world.

Furthermore its staff has been awarded various honors, the most recent granted to the present Consul General, The Honorable Ms. Jaroslava Jeslinkova, Woman of the Year 2009 by the Fédération des Caisses Desjardins du Québec.

Since the Czech Consulate in Montreal serves British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Québec, its closing would be an unfortunate loss for the options and opportunities which the Czech Republic represents in the Montreal Czech Consulate’s geographic entourage.


On January 21, our Czech organizations in Montreal opened a petition on-line (in Czech) against the closure, which can be signed at:


Up to now we received over 1000 signatures (including from English or French speaking people who do not understand Czech).


On January 26. we sent an Open letter and petition to the Czech government, and on January 27. we notified some of the Czech media.


On February 8, we also opened our petition in French, which can be signed at:


On February 12, we also opened our petition in English, which can be signed at:



You don’t have to be a Czech nor a Canadian, people of many nationalities have already added their name to the list and are proud of having done so – besides one day you or someone in your family might need their services.

All you have to do is click or paste the link at the bottom of the page to your browser, filling in your name and, while it is not obligatory, also your city of residence. Your e-mail address will remain invisible.

You may wish to ask friends and family members, each one individually, to also support this worthy cause.

Czech and Slovak Association of Canada – Montreal Branch,
and other Czech organizations in Montreal




Česká verze ZDE



One thought on “Petition to Reconsider the Decision for Closing the Consulate in Montreal (Petice proti zrušení konzulátu České republiky v Montrealu)

  1. I would like to thank you very much on behalf of our Montreal organizations, and personally as well. You are again the first to publish it (as the Czech version too). As I already mentioned in the Czech version, the late Consul general Dr.Fr.Pavlasek saved the consulate in 1939 with the help of SOKOL and RCMP from a seizure by the Hitler’s Germany consulate. That historic and heroic event made Canada the first country to recognize our government in exile in London. I am proud that I knew him since my childhood, and he become my personal hero who saved the consulate from our enemies. That’s why I am now trying to help to save the consulate from the Czech government, and to pay at least a small tribute to him when his country is forgetting.

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