Alena Martinu Enters English Literature (Literární úspěch Aleny Martinů v angličtině)

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Montreal’s Alena and Ludvik Martinu are not just any married couple. Some time ago, we published a piece about Ludvik, a brilliant academician with practical bearings, who is – among other things – presently involved in developing an international research centre at the Mc Gill University. Now Alena, the editor-in-chief of Montreal’s publication Vestnik has decided to show that she, too, received talents from the Fates uncommon. Why did she decide to do so at this particular time?  One of the reasons is quite prosaic: the drawers in her study were overflowing with her manuscripts which she had started to produce many years ago and something had to be done. Why not simply publish some of the manuscripts? And once she decided to publish, Alena, who was born in Czechoslovakia and speaks several languages, chose English as the language of her first published work.

Alena named her first book (with a cover by a writer and satirist Karel Novak, who often signs his work as “KN”) after the first of the seven stories in the book “Scream of Silence” – a title which reminds me of the  spectacular painting, “The Sceram.” The book was published by iUniverse and picked as the “Editor’s Choice”. It is available in book stores Chapters and Indigo (in Montreal on St. Catherine in  Downtown and Point Claire; in Toronto, on Edward Street). It is also available on internet, both in the traditional book format and as an eBook. Ludvik has this to say about his wife’s book in the Montreal’s Vestnik: “This literary work of our ‘Mrs. editor-in chief’…offers interesting ideas, dramatic situations, mysterious and unexpected reversals as well as philosophical reflections, all with one central theme of interhuman relations, with their fragility and their strength. Her romantic stories of young people are sketched against the background of Montreal’s streets, the deep forests of the Quebec’s Laurentians, Montreal’s race track, French music halls…”

The text on the inside page of the book’s cover seems to link to Ludvik’ welcome of the book in Vestnik: “In her compilation of diverse tales (Martinu) weaves an eclectic group of characters  within a variety of settings while offering the inspiring message that love, respect, and communication are vital components to any healthy relationship. A wrong start for a young couple brings a catastrophe, a man nearly loses his chance for happiness simply by trying to do the right thing, an innocent flirtation results in a surprising bond for another woman …Interlaced with drama, mystery and fantasy, Scream of Silence is an intriguing collection of short stories that inspires reflection on the most beautiful and unexpected moments of life.”


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Author: Josef Čermák ( PLUS)

Montrealští Alena a Ludvik Martinů nejsou jen tak nějaká manželská dvojice. O Ludvíku Martinů jsme psali před časem. Ludvík je brilantní akademik s praktickým zaměřením, který na montrealské McGill University organizuje mezinárodní středisko výzkumu. A teď nadešel čas pro Alenu, šéfredaktorku Montrealského časopisu “Věstník”, aby ukázala, že i k ní byly sudičky laskavé a obdařily ji nevšedním talentem. K tomu, aby se svými dary pochlubila, zřejmě přispěla zcela drobná prozaická skutečnost: šuplíky její pracovny, které plnila svou literární tvorbou (začala tvořit před pěknou řádkou let) začaly přetékat rukopisy, povídkami, romány, filosofickými úvahami, a tak bylo třeba něco podniknout. Třeba proměnit některý z těch rukopisů v knížku. A když už knížku, tak v jazyku, kterým obcuje celý svět, v angličtině.

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  1. Thank you, Mr. Cermak, for a nice and enthousiastic article. I wish to offer a little correction: My work affiliation is École Polytechnique de Montréal, an Engineering Faculty (one of the most significant in Canada) affiliated with the Université de Montréal. For information, there are four universities in Montreal, two French (Université de Montréal, Université du Québec à Montréal) and two English (MGill University and Concordia University).

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