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If you thrive for Czech- and Slovak-related websites, this site is just for you. You will not only find here interesting articles related to both countries, but also links to other organizations and clubs, their events and announcements. Creators of the website, Daniela Olszova and Paul Nelson, are Czech/Americans that have a passion for their culture, language and the heritage. The authors speak fluent Czech and English and have much to contribute to this site. They run the website as a hobby and thanks to volunteers and fans they are able to maintain an efficient website that has great potential to engage many people interested in reading, learning and sharing information about these two countries and things related to them.

All articles published on CzechFolks.com are bilingual; therefore, everybody who speaks Czech or English, or is learning either of the languages, can take advantage of the site and its content. Readers can comment on articles or post their events and announcements in the public forums that are connected with the calendar of the current and future events. Most of the articles are written by the founders of the website, however, other readers are already engaging in creating the content for the site.

Most of the volunteers are expats that primarily speak Czech which  lead to the creation of a new magazine called CzechFolks.com PLUS; containing articles from more than 20 authors: lawyers, writers, journalists, poets, actors, photographers, teachers, politicians, composers, editors, but also blue-collar workers. They write their own stories and reactions to the happenings in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which also include politics, entertainment, and favorite places for tourists and outdoor lovers. Their stories are enriched by beautiful illustrations that are exclusively created for the site by professional illustrators and artists.
Here is what others have said about the site:

http://www.fgslovakia.com/2009/2/28/website-on-czech-and-slovak-interests (in English)
http://cechoaustralan.com/cechoaustralan-2009-7.pdf (in Czech, page 3)
Enjoy the site and don’t forget to submit your concerts, festivals, and other gatherings to the calendar HERE; of course, free of charge. :-) You can also find them on Facebook and meet other fans of the site.


Vítejte na této webstránce zameřené na Českou Republiku, česke a slovenské občany, kulturu a mnohem více. Tato stránka byla vytvořena exkluzívně dvojicí žijící v U.S.A. a dalšími autory, které můžete nalézt na http://czechfolks.com/plus/o-autorech. Většina autorů mluví plynule česky a anglicky a přispívají na této webstránce.


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9 thoughts on “Welcome (Vítejte)

  1. hello,
    Congratulations for your website that I just discovered.
    I am a czech artist living in France and organizing a lot of exhibitions, solo or groups, groups including several Czech artists.
    Is it possible to join your community and announce my events?
    Kind regards

  2. ahoj,
    blog pro Cechy a Slovaky v USA, to je super napad. Jak vas to vlastne napadlo?
    Preju hodne stesti. Iva

  3. Ahoj Ivo,
    Dekujeme ti za prani. Proc nas to napadlo, zijeme v USA a je to tezke najit vsechny informace o akcich a oblastech, kde Cesi a Slovaci bydli. Meli jsme se prestehovat do Texasu a pak jsme nahodou zjistili od jednoho vojaka, ze je tam cele ceske mesto. Hledali jsme na internetu, co je dostupne, ale vsechny stranky nabizely jen castecne informace a nebo uplne chybely. Tak jsme si rekli, ze pomuzeme vsem nasincum najit jejich novy domov v zahranici. Je to docela hodne prace, ale zatim nas to bavi. Samozrejme to delame vse zadarmo mimo nase hlavni povolani.
    Jsme radi, ze se ti libi nase stranka. Nezapomen se pridat do nasi komunity.

  4. hello,

    my aunt came to the united states when she was 14 before ww2 from chechoslovakia. here name was anna. how can i learn about our family tree?

  5. No konecne jsem nasla zminku o cesich v zahranici. Jsem rada. Ziju v Chicagu kde kdysi byl dostatek lidi i informaci o ceske komunite. Dokonce i festival. Ted co nase republika je v Evrope, tak lide houfne odjizdeji pracovat do evropy-samozrejme je to blize a ziji tam legalne- a tady se zrusil festival casopis i mnoho obchodu, ponevadz se uz nevyolacely pro tech par lidi co zustali.Dekuji Vam ze delate pro to neco.Je to chvalyhodne obzvlaste kdyz to delate zdarma. tady v americe primo ojedinele

  6. Dobry den, omlouvam se za tento postup, ale jiny mne nenapadl. Velice rad bych si prostrednictvim e-mailu dopisoval s nekterými nasimi krajany ve svete. Rad bych poznal, jak se zije nasim krajanum ve svete a jejich prostrednictvim a nazory poznal i jine zeme. Je mi 42 let a ziju v Ceske Lipe. Budu velice potesen, dostane-li se má nabidka k nasim krajanum a treba nekdo bude chtit cist zprávy a postrehy z “domova” i od normálniho a obycejneho krajana, ktery zije a pracuje v Cechach.

    Predem mnohokrat dekuji a preji Vam mnoho zdaru, stesti a zdravi v Novem roce 2010 !

    S pozdravem

    Zdenek Prachynsky
    Ceska Lipa
    E-mail: prachynsky@centrum.cz

  7. Thank you for the information!
    I wrote a book entitled “Slovak American Touches” published by Penfield Books. Please refer to the website: http://www.brendelenterprises.com
    for more details and how to order the book. We have a Czech-Slovak festival in Phillips, Wisconsin each year and have one of two of the monuments to the Village of Lidice, Czechoslovakia, in our city. It was recently put on the National and State Register of Historic Places.
    The festival is always 3rd full weekend of June – in 2010 it will take place on June 18, 19, 20.
    Good luck with this relatively new organization.
    I would be happy to offer articles pertaining to our heritage if they are needed. I am half Czech and half Slovak!
    Toni Brendel

  8. hi, i’m a history nut and am searching the Net for foreign films of many genres, but especially topics of historical interest…i recently acquired many nice titles of Russian origin such as “Admiral”, “Romanovs: An Imperial Family” and the like.

    One of my interests concerns the so-called “Czech Legion” which fought its way from the Far East back home during the Russian Civil War. Do you know of any equal caliber movies about this incident?

    Thanks much. :=)

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