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(Toto je souhrn vsech konverzaci na nasi Stene umistene v pravem sloupci nasich stranek. Vase zpravy mohou byt pridany do Steny na jakekoliv nasi strance. Zde je souhrn vsech poslanych zprav.)


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  1. Hi guys, I just found your site. It is REALLY GREAT! I really like the Fun page with Prague images. Cool. 😀

  2. Maybe the problem is that I expected it to be easy and learned too late that is extremely challenging. The difficulty of life combined with the disapointment brought by major experience (love, work, friendship) keeps me up or makes me bury my head under the pillow.

  3. Sorry for my question…but.. i can’t find a place where i can change my Nickname ?
    Help me please :(
    Thank you.

  4. Okay, this is a happy moment.
    I fixed the washing machine. I tried this a few weeks back and nothing worked right then (got it working though), but today the thing just fell apart again. I popped open the front cover, the motor was (this time) easy to remove, I super-glued the bottom pulley back together, and it was running again in 30 minutes. The squeak and rattle are gone. And it looks like this time they’ll stay gone!
    What’s your recent victory?

  5. Вот это да… В некоторые жизненные моменты волосы могут шевелиться и не только на голове :)

  6. Hello,

    I wanted to make before. ‘m New here in the forum and I am Danny. I hope some things I can read and write well

    Greeting Danny

  7. Hi there, I just added your site to my blogroll – upon your request :) GREAT SITE, will come visit on a daily basis. Petr

  8. Hello,

    I wanted to make before. ‘m New here in the forum and I am Christine. I hope some things I can read and write well

    Greeting Christine

  9. I am planning a trip with my wife to Croatia next summer,
    and looking for a company that rents apartments
    on Cratian island Hvar.

    Does anybody have any experience with Croatian travel agencies?

  10. Nova SOUTEZ o ceske DVD se blizi. Nezapomente navstivit nase stranky ve stredu 11.2.!!!
    A new drawing is behind the door. This time for a Czech DVD wih English subtitles. Don’t forget to visit our site on Wednesday 02/11!!!

  11. Bonjourno dear friends! I was reading about for a while and now i’m registered:)
    Hope i’m welcome here.

  12. Zbyva jen 14 dni do konce nasi souteze o jazykovy kurz. Ctete clanek z 22.5.!

  13. Hi…I’m searching for whatever appened to my Gr Gr Uncle SIGMUND RIEDL born ca 1855 in Sumvald, Moravia.

    He drifted away and may have used the name Sigmund Riddle in Oregon circa 1890

    feel free to contact me if you have any info on him:

    Also interested in Hampel, Kober, Navratil people also same region of Moravia.


    26 Dec 2009


  14. Hi, …Looking for family of Josef Holatko(it’s a cousin of my grandfather Jan Tucek (Hyncice u Oder), long ago emigrated to the USA(Colorado), his kids and children of these children live in USA and Canada. Thank you for any info.

  15. Looking for any people with the last name Dubnansky…my daughter is married to Dennis Dubnansky in the US, son of Michael Dubnansky, from Charleroi, Pennsylvania. Thanks!

  16. I just tried this recipe using American dpduing mix (Jello brand.) It does not work!At least not in the same proportions as the recipe. I need to make a Slovakian dish for my son’s heritage feast at school. I already tried Bryndzove Halusky. It turned out ok, but not something a classroom full of 8 year olds will want to eat. I think I will try the traditional way to make Babovka with flour, etc.

  17. My friend is nnnalipg a Slovak party for one of her Slovak friends so I did a little research and found your recipes. Dr Oetker products are readily available here in Florida at Publix & Sweetbay supermarkets. We also have a small german/polish market here in my town that stocks these products.

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