HELP and FAQ (Pomoc a Caste Otazky)


Do I need to log in the forum in order to post? (Musim se prihlasit do fora, kdyz chci napsat zpravu?)

No, if you just want to access “Guest” topics. Otherwise, you have to log in to see other topics or write a message.

(Ne, pokud chcete jen vstoupit do fora “Hostu”. K precteni vsech clanku a napsani vlastniho se musite prihlasit.)


How do I register to the forum? (Jak se prihlasim do fora?)

Click on the “Register” button. You will be then asked to create your username. Then just add your email and answer a simple math question. Click “Register.” Your email won’t be shared with anyone.

(Kliknete na “Register” tlacitko. Pak si vytvorte uzivatelske jmeno (vlozte do polozky “username”). Pridejte svuj email a odpovezte na jednoduchou matematickou otazku. Pak kliknete “Register”. Vas email nebude zverejnen.)


How do I add my message to the forum? (Jak pridam zpravu do fora?)

You can start a new topic or answer to somebody’s topic. Select “Add a New Topic” to create a new one or just “Reply to Post.” When you create a new topic, please, write a topic name so people can quickly look through topics they are interested in.

(Muzete zacit nove tema a nebo odpovedet na tema jinych. Zvolte “Add a New Topic” pro vytvoreni nove zpravy a nebo jen odpovezte ne tema zvolenim “Reply to Post”. Kdyz zvolite nove tema, prosime, napiste jmeno vasi zpravy (do polozky “Topic Name”), ktere umozni uzivatelum videt nazev bez otevirani cele zpravy.)


Can I see who is online? (Muzu videt, kdo je online?)

Yes, you can see who is online. You can also see individual profiles. When you reply to somebody’s post, you can quote their message to specify to which user you responded to.

(Ano, muzete videt, kdo je online. Take se muzete podivat na jednotlive profily. Kdyz odpovidate nekomu na jejich tema, muzete zvolit “Quote and Reply”, coz vam umozni vlozit originalni zpravu k vasi odpovedi. )


Can I receive alerts from forum? (Muzu dostat zpravy z fora na muj pocitac?)

Yes, you can use several RSSs – for the whole group (guests, members, …), for an individual topic, or for the whole forum. Click here if you don’t know what RSS is.

(Ano, muzete pouzit nekolik RSS syndikaci – pro celou skupinu (hoste, clenove, …), pro kazde tema a nebo pro cele forum. Kliknete zde, pokud nevite, co je RSS.)


Can I change the password I received in my email after my registration to forums? (Muzu si zmenit helso, ktere jsem obdrzel v emailu po registraci do fora?)

Yes, you can. Just go to your profile and type your new pasword. You can also add more information about yourself and your image.

(Ano, muzete. Jdete na svuj profil “Profile” a napiste sve nove heslo. Muzete take pridat dalsi informace o vas a vasi fotografii.)

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How do I register to (Jak se zaregistruji do

You can register through email subscription. Just click on the icon in the rectangle below. Write your email and a random code displayed in the registration form. Then just check your email and click on the confirmation link from the registration email from CzechFolks.

(Muzete se zaregistrovat pres email clenstvi. Pouze kliknete na obrazek v obdelnik. Napiste svuj email a kod zobrazeny v okenku registracniho formulare. Pak jen otevrte vas email a kliknete na potvrzujici odkaz v emailu od CzechFolks.)

You can also just enter your email address here:

(Muzete take jednoduse vlozit vasi emailovou adresu zde:)


Enter your email address: (Vlozte vasi emailovou adresu:)
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  1. Dobry den, mam otazku, jake pozadavky jsou pri preprave psu z USA do Ceske republiky. Dekuji za kladne vyrizenou odpoved. S pozdravem Marcela

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  3. I am a student taking a multicultural studies class and have a project to write. I chose Czech American and have looked at quite a few sites for info. Part of the project is an “interview” of about 17 questions about the culture, community, family tradition etc. If you are interested my email is I would appreciate any insight you could give.

  4. hi, i have been invited to spend a week with inlaws in Horní Řasnice, i am just trying to find out what traditions, or whats expected of guests, i dont want them hating me within the first day, should i bring gifts etc etc ? what would a perfect guest do ? thankyou for any advice .

  5. Hello, I stopped smoking years ago with Allan Carr’s method. A friend of mine is Slovakian and now lives in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, neither his Dutch nor his English is good enough to follow a clinic, so I am desperately looking for Allan Carr’s book “EasyWay to Stop Smoking” in either Slovakian or Czech. Google-ing it has little effect because it only results in books in English. The links from the Allan Carr’s website are broken. Can anyone help please???

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