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December 2008

Dark Blue World

Dark Blue World

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NOTE: Our Meetup Schedules are listed below. For more details about Czech Meetups CLICK HERE.

All events are subjects to change.

We also work closely with the executive director of The Czech North American Chaber of Commerce & Culture (CNACC&C), Mr. Lubomir Novotny. He has created a website for publishing available events and for soucing of cultural events from the Czech Republic, including scheduling and coordination of an number of activities and events.

Pro informace v CESTINE, prosim, kontaktujte CzechFolks pres “Comment” sekci na konci stranky nebo ZDE.


Film Festivals/Movies/Plays Abroad:

Kolya (Kolja): 12/01/08

Empties (Vratne Lahve): 12/04/08

My Sweet Little Village (Vesnicko Ma Strediskova): 12/05/08

Ride (Jizda) + The Oil Gobblers (Ropaci): 12/06/08

The Life and Extraordinary Adventures of Private (Zivot a Neobycejna Dobrodruzstvi Vojina Ivana Conkina): 12/07/08

Dark Blue World (Tmavomodry Svet): 12/13/08

Beauty in Trouble (Kraska v Nesnazich): 12/12/08, 12/15/08, 12/19/08 CLICK HERE FOR INFO

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Art Exhibits:

Czech Places, Memory Traces (NY): 11/01/08 – 12/19/08

Wide Asleep by Michael Borek (Washington D.C.): 11/06/08 – 12/15/08

Catherine Cabaniss – Recent Work (NY): 11/06/08 – 12/31/08

Invasion 69 Prague by Josef Koudelka (Washington D.C.): 11/06/08 – 12/28/08

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Eva Emingerova (California): 12/02/08

Divokej Bill (UK): 12/08/08

Wihan Quartet Concerts (UK): 12/14/08

Czech Christmas Concert (Washington, D.C.): 12/20/08 – 12/24/08

The Nebraska Czech Brass Band (Nebraska): 12/29/08

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11/06/08 – 12/15/08 – Washington D.C.: Photography Exhibition: Wide Asleep by Michael Borek
Time: 9-5 (Monday – Thursday), 9-3 (Friday)
Location: Embassy of the Czech Republic
Admission: Free, call (202) 274-9105 to schedule an appointment
Info: Czech-American photographer Michael Borek’s work ranges from the playful-a fairytale-like balloon sailing over Prague-to the ominous-a scene from a Santa Fe railway depot that is evocative of a David Lynch movie. All his photographs share a dreaminess that pays homage to the many surrealist artists he admires. He derives his inspiration from the old in our modernized world. Having spent a number of years surrounded by the lifeless architecture of the communist era, Borek was drawn toward the aged architectural structures of the 1920s and 1930s. The magic of the buildings’ falling stucco and peeling paint captivated the author’s lens. In the U.S. landscape, Borek seeks the forgotten neighborhoods with his camera capturing the randomness and traces of former lives. Presently, Borek resides in Washington, DC area.
11/06/08 – 12/31/08 New York: Catherine Cabaniss – Recent Work
Time: 6:30-8:30 PM (opening)
Location: Czech Center, Gallery on Madison Avenue, 1109 Madison Avenue (at 83rd Street)
Info: Work in the exhibit by Catherine Cabaniss will include paintings made in Prague from 2004-2006. Also included will be 4 collagraphs from the artist’s body of work “Water-Based.”


11/06/08 – 12/25/08 – Washington D.C.: Photography Exhibition: Wide Asleep by Michael Borek

Time: 7 PM (Nov 6th)

Hours: 9-5 PM (Monday – Thursday), 9-3 (Friday)

Admission: Free

Info: Call (202) 274-9105 to schedule an appointment. Czech-American photographer Michael Borek’s work ranges from the playful-a fairytale-like balloon sailing over Prague-to the ominous-a scene from a Santa Fe railway depot that is evocative of a David Lynch movie. All his photographs share a dreaminess that pays homage to the many surrealist artists he admires. He derives his inspiration from the old in our modernized world. Having spent a number of years surrounded by the lifeless architecture of the communist era, Borek was drawn toward the aged architectural structures of the 1920s and 1930s. The magic of the buildings’ falling stucco and peeling paint captivated the author’s lens. In the U.S. landscape, Borek seeks the forgotten neighborhoods with his camera capturing the randomness and traces of former lives. Presently, Borek resides in Washington, DC area.


11/06/08 – 12/28/08 – Washington D.C.: Photography Exhibition – Invasion 68 Prague by Josef Koudelka

Time: 11 AM – 4 PM (Tuesday through Sunday), Meet the Artist Reception (Nov 18th, 6 PM), Artist Reception (Nov 22nd, 6-9 PM)

Location: The Katzen Arts Center, 4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. 20016

Admission: Free

Info: Czech photographer Josef Koudelka witnessed and recorded the military forces of the Warsaw Pact as they invaded Prague and crushed the Czech reforms. Koudelka’s negatives were smuggled out of Prague into the hands of the Magnum photography agency, and published anonymously in The Sunday Times Magazine under the initials P.P. (Prague Photographer) for fear of reprisal against him and his family. His pictures of the events became dramatic international symbols. In 1969, the “anonymous Czech photographer” was awarded the Robert Capa Gold Medal for photographs requiring exceptional courage.
The show, organized by Aperture Foundation and co-produced with Magnum Photos, is presented in conjunction with a publication of the same name.The show is comprised of 74 prints and 1 document, and a selection of significant texts from the book. The selection and sequence of the work are done in collaboration with Josef Koudelka. For more information about Josef Koudelka, please visit Photo credit: Josef Koudelka / Magnum Photos 2008


11/12/08 – 12/13/08 – UK: Czech Films at Winter Festival of Eastern European Films in Edinburgh

Time: Look at individual listing

Location: Filmhouse, 88 Lothian Road, Edinburgh EH3 9BZ,, Box Office: 0131 228 2688


Info: A new film festival focusing on cultural and linguistic diversity in Eastern Europe includes works from Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Bosnia, Georgia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic alongside a major retrospective of the works of the father and son team Zdenek and Jan Sverak.


11/12/08: Something Like Happiness (Stesti), 5:45 PM

Info: (Bohdan Slama , Czech Republic, 2005, 102′ ) A poignant drama examining the intertwining stories of three childhood friends trying to find their place in life. Monika has a boyfriend in the US and plans to emigrate. Tonik loves her but lives with his aunt on a rundown farm. Dasa has two children. When Dasa suffers a breakdown and is confined to a psychiatric ward, they take charge of her children and it seems like a new start …Best Czech film 2005, Winner at the San Sebastian and Montreal film festivals in 2005. With Tatiana Vilhelmova, Pavel Liska and Ana Geislerova.


11/28/08: Citizen Havel (Obcan Havel), 5:45 PM

Info: (Miroslav Janek, Pavel Koutecky, CZ/US, 2008, 120′) After the split of Czechoslovakia in 1992, former political dissident, leader of the Velvet Revolution, playwright, and essayist Václav Havel became the first president of a new country, the Czech Republic. Such events are not commonplace so, from day one, he permitted his friend, filmmaker Pavel Koutecký, to be with him, to capture as much of it as possible, whether in the Prague Castle or around the world. The result is Citizen Havel, a feature-length documentary of never-before-seen footage that provides an intimate look at a man thrust into the spotlight of international politics and celebrity, trying to maintain a balance between public and personal life while bringing his nation out of its communist past and into a free, democratic future.


11/29/08: Elementary School (Obecna Skola), 1 PM

Info: (Dir Jan Sverak / Scr Zdenek Sverak / Czechoslovakia 1991 / 100min) WWII has just ended and Eda and his mates are back in a single-sex school in the Prague suburbs where they have given their teacher a nervous breakdown. New teacher Igor is half-dictator, half-hero and he quickly gets both their attention and their undying admiration, which is not altered by his philandering with the female population. Eda can’t help comparing Igor with his own seemingly unheroic father. Zdenek Sverak has created an autobiographical mosaic of his childhood memories, recalling the time when boys are still children but already perceive the adult world with great intensity. A fi lm full of humour, secrets and compassion for human weakness.


12/01/08: Kolya (Kolja), 5:45 PM

Info: (Dir Jan Sverak / Scr Zdenek Sverak / Czech Republic-France-United Kingdom 1996 / 108 min) The 55-year-old skirt-chasing bachelor Louka, a former cellist with the Czech Philharmonic, is reduced to playing at funerals. Struggling with debt he agrees to a marriage of convenience with a Russian expecting to see little of his new wife. However when she defects to the West to be with her lover, Louka is left to answer to the authorities as well as care for her fi veyear old son, Kolya. Not speaking each other’s language, it takes time and patience for the cultural barriers between this unlikely father-son duo to fall (the source of much of the fi lm’s humour) but when they do their place is taken by an unbreakable bond. Meanwhile the political changes of of 1989 are taking place around them.


12/04/08: Empties (Vratne Lahve), 5:45 PM

Info: (Dir Jan Sverak / Scr Zdenek Sverak / Czech Republic-United Kingdom-Denmark 2007 / 104min) In this comic love story about a man facing facing old age schoolteacher Josef finds he no longer understands his pupils and decides to resign. However, unaccustomed to a life of inactivity, he opts for a succession of part-time jobs, including cycle messenger and supervisor of the bottle return counter in a supermarket. He fi nds an interesting new world (supplemented by continuing erotic fantasies), from which his wife is excluded. Arguably the Sveraks’ best film, this sophisticated and perceptive comedy is full of the lowkey observation characteristic of the best of Czech cinema – unpretentious, involving, and apparently effortless. The biggest box offi ce success in the Czech Republic since the fall of Communism, Empties crosses the generation divide with its traditional narrative virtues and a characteristically taciturn performance from Sverak senior.


12/05/08: My Sweet Little Village (Vesnicko Ma Strediskova), 5:45 PM

Info: (Dir Jiri Menzel / Scr Zdenek Sverak / Czech Republic 1985 / 87min) At the heart of this comedy is a Laurel and Hardy-like pair; Otik, a simple minded trucker’s assistant, and his boss Pavek. Otik tries hard to please his exasperated partner who becomes the laughing stock of his mates thanks to Otik’s constant blunders. At the end of his tether, Pavek requests a different partner while Otik, hurt, accepts a job offer from a crooked politician who wants to get hold of his cottage. Having discovered the plot, Pavek comes to his friend’s aid. Further charm is added to this life-enhancing piece by the other village inhabitants – a doctor who regularly wrecks his car while admiring the scenery, a romantic teenager with a crush on a schoolteacher, and an adulterous housewife just one step ahead of her hot-headed husband.
12/06/08: Ride (Jizda) + The Oil Gobblers (Ropaci), 1 PM

Info: Ride: (Dir Jan Sverak / Scr Martin Dostal, Jan Sverak / Czech Republic 1994 / 90min) Disenchanted with their predictable lives, two thirtysomething buddies set off on a journey through the Czech countryside. They hope to bring some excitement into their routine by imitating their American heroes. Things get complicated when they are joined by a beautiful hitchhiker who is pursued by her jealous lover. The summery atmosphere darkens as the friends play with love and death. A homage to Easy Rider, this fresh and humorous road movie, supported by an excellent soundtrack from Czech band Buty, has achieved cult status among young Czech audiences.

The Oil Gobblers: Dir Jan Sverak / Scr Jan Sverak / Czechoslovakia 1988 / 21min) A team of scientists travels to Northern Bohemia to investigate a new animal species – Petroleus Mostensis, the mud-loving oil gobblers, in this inventive mockumentary. Awards: Student Academy Award for Best Foreign Film 1989.


12/07/08: The Life and Extraordinary Adventures of Private (Zivot a Neobycejna Dobrodruzstvi Vojina Ivana Conkina), 5:45 PM

Info: (Dir Jiri Menzel / Scr Zdenek Sverak / Czech Republic-France-Italy-United Kingdom 1994 / 106min)
A grotesque tragi-comedy by Oscar-winning director Jiri Menzel based on the famous satirical Russian novel by Vladimir Voinovich. Prior to Russia’s entry into WWII Ivan Chonkin, private in the Red army and simple-minded Russian guy, is sent to guard a broken-down enemy plane in a remote village. Forgotten by everyone and unaware that Russia is now at war he eventually moves in with his lover Nura, the post-mistress. When his neighbours accuse him of being a spy it sets off a spiral of events reminiscent of Catch 22. Absurdity together with criticism of Stalinism and Soviet bureaucracy is revealed through comic encounters with representatives of the Secret Police and the Soviet army in Chonkin’s fi ght for justice.


12/13/08: Dark Blue World (Tmavomodry Svet), 1 PM

Info: (Dir Jan Sverak / Scr Zdenek Sverak / Czech Republic-United Kingdom 2001 / 113min) Two Czech pilots, Franta and Karel, escape Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia to join the Royal Air Force and fi ght in the Battle of Britain. Their love for the same woman (Tara Fitzgerald) is the ultimate test of their friendship. Stunning, frighteningly realistic aerial warfare sequences alternate with this love story, which is narrated by Franta from within a communist prison. Closely based on the real-life experience of Czech fighter pilots, who survived the confl ict, only to be persecuted by the post-war Communist regime when they returned home, this is a romantic drama of heroism and self-sacrifice.


12/02/08 – California: Eva Emingerova Concert

Time: 7:30 PM

Location: DIZZY’s Jazz Club at San Diego Wine and Culinary Center, Twin Harbor Club Towers, end of 2nd Ave. at J Street

Admission: Adults $15, Students and children $10, CASH ONLY

Parking: After 6pm Gas Lamp district has free parking if you are patient to find one. Right across from Harbor Club Towers is large 5STAR self parking lot and fee is $5 on Tuesdays. 4 Story 1000 cars PARKADE at 6th and ‘K’ charges flat $3 on Tuesdays. Right across from DIZZY’s entrance is San Diego Convention Center where charge is $8. Orange Line Trolley stops at the entrance to DIZZY’s Jazz Club if you prefer it to a car.

Info: For more information about DIZZY’S, directions, history, schedules and more please visit jazz club’s web site at:             Phone  858 270 7467


12/05/08 – UK: CS Party na Walthamstow

Time: 7 PM – 2:30 AM

Location: The Cavern Bar, 524 Forest Road, E17 4NB

Directions: z Walthamstow central bus station platform D – 97, 34, 357, 215- vystup na 3. zastavke /the Bell corner/, z Blackhorse road bus 123

Entry: 5 GBP chalani, baby zdarma

Info: Enjoy Fernet Stock a Citrus, Borovicka, Hruskovica, Slivovica, Capovany Staropramen, Marhulovica, Ceresnovica


12/06/08 – California: Mikulas

Time: 10 AM

Tickets: $15

Location: Join the Meetup #135


12/06/08 – Pennsylvania: St. Nicholas Party

Time: 2 PM

Location: Trinity Episcopal Church, 708 S Bethlehem Pike, Ambler, PA 19002

Info: Join the Meetup #161


12/06/08 – Iowa: Den Svateho Mikulase

Time: 10 AM

Location: Dance/Lindale Plaza Theatre space, 4444 1st Avenue NE, across from Lindale Mall, Cedar Rapids.

Info: 10 AM: Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre Company, 12 PM: Sv. Mikulas, Andel a Cert, 1 PM – 4 PM: Make-and-take Czech and Slovak Holiday Decoration, 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM: Santa’s Saxes Concert

Tickets: All free


12/06/08 – UK: Cesko & Slovenska Party “Mikulasska” Bristol

Location: Warehouse Club Bristol, 1st floor: Cesko&Slovenske Hity a 80′ a 90′ only,

2nd floor: Dance stage – House, Hip Hop, Techno, Progressive, Elektro

Info: Pripravena tombola, Mikulasske balicky, email:, tel: 07783299617


12/06/08 – UK: CS Party – Finchley Central Londyn

Time: 7 PM – 2 AM

Location: Queens Head, Finchley Central, 248 Regents Park Road N3 3HN, Metro: Finchley Central, Autobusy 82, 460, 125, 143, 326, 382, N20, N13

Tickets: 6 GBP (v cene je frtan, sladke prekvapenie)

Info: Bonus – Mikulassky Striptiz


12/06/08 – UK: Mikulasska Party (Kingston Upon Thames)

Time: 9 PM

Location: Isha Lounge Bar Kingson Upon Thames, 43 Richmond Road,KT2 5BW

Info: Daniel – 07842772630, Nocne busy: 57, 65, 85, N87, N213, 281, 285


12/06/08 – UK: Sound of Prague

Time: 9 PM – 3:30 AM

Location: The Royal, Derby, Victoria Street, DE1 1EQ

Tickets: 10 GBP at Tony’s Food & Beer Store, (next to Mist Club), Normanton Road, DE1 2GJ


12/06/08 – California: Pre-Christmas Carol Singing

Time: 4 PM

Location: 167 Denslow Ave., Los Angeles


12/06/08 – Washington D.C. – Annual St. Nicholas Dinner Party

Time: 3 PM

Location: St. Luke Orthodox Church, 6801 Georgetown Pike, McLean, VA 22101

Info: Choice of Jaternica, Jelito or Klobasa; Potatoes with Sauerkraut, Rye Bread, popular Czech and Slovak pastries/candy and Coffee; or popular Bake Sale of homemade Czech and Slovak Christmas and another pastries and cookies.

Admissions:$12/adults  in advance, $15/adults at the door, $7/child in advance, $8.50/child at the door, $6/children’s hot dog & cupcake


12/07/08 – Minnesota: Mikulas (St. Nikolas)

Time: 5 PM

Location: 7230 York Ave. s, Edina, Club Room, 2nd Floor, (Mom’s Club)


12/07/08 – Florida: Saint Nicholas Day Celebration

Time: 12 PM (noon)

Location: AMERICAN CZECH-SLOVAK CULTURAL CLUB, 13325 Arch Creek Road North Miami, FL 33181, (305) 891-9130

Info: Saint Nicholas, the Angel and the Devil will visit The American Czech-Slovak Cultural club. There will be games for gifts and the children. There is a small registration fee for each child, which includes the children’s food. Noon – doors open, 1:30 PM – Christmas songs and stories, 2:30 PM – a visit from St. Nicholas, the Angel and the Devil. Parents: please send the registration fee for each child with their name, age, phone number or email and no more than two sentences about the child (for use by St. Nicholas).

Registration: $5/child (includes the child’s meal and a gift bag) send to: Veronika Liskova, 26 Diplomat Parkway #2370, Hollandale Beach, FL 33009, email:, Phone: 954.456.1271 or 954.577.1318.  Make checks payable to: ACSCC. Please respond by December 3, 2008


12/07/08 – Pennsylvania: Christmas Concert

Time: 2 PM

Location: St. Wenceslaus Church, 2111 Ashland Ave, Baltimore, MD 21205

Info: Join the Meetup #161


12/07/08 – California: Holiday Luncheon at a Czech Restaurant

Time: 1:30 PM

Location: Join the Meetup #135

Tickets: $22 per person, plus tax & gratuity. RSVP required. RSVP by Wednesday, December 3rd to Beverly Evans at or call (949) 551-4091.


12/08/08 – UK: Concert Divokej Bill

Time: 8 PM door, 9 PM concert

Location: CARGO, 83 Rivington Street, Kingsland Viaduct, London EC2A 3AY

Tickets: 10 GBP in advance (Go East Café, 11 Ballards Lane, Finchley Central, London), 12 GBP in the door


12/12/08 – Washington D.C.: The Washington Czech Language Meetup

Time: 7:30 PM

Location: Brickskeller, 1523 22ne St NW, Washington, D.C., 20037, 202-293-885

Info: Join the Meetup #126


12/13/08 – Pennsylvania: The Greater Philadelphia Czech and Slovak Meetup

Time: 7 PM

Location: Otto’s Brauhaus, 233 Easton Rd (Rt. 611), Horsham PA 19044, (215) 675-1864

Info: Join the Meetup #161


12/13/08 – Iowa: Cookie Walk!

Time: 9:30 AM

Location: NCSML at Lindale, between Younkers and Holley’s Shop for Men at Lindale Mall in Cedar Rapids

Info: Homemade holiday cookies for sale by the NCSML Museum Guild


12/13/08 – Canada: The Toronto Czech Language Meetup

Time: 8 P

Location: Fynn’s of Temple Bar, (formerly Fionn MacCool’s), 489 King St. W., Toronto, ON M5V 1K4

Info: Join the Meetup #44


12/13/08 – Canada: The Under 30 European Meetup

Time: 8 PM

Location: The Charlotte Room, 19 Charlotte St., Toronto, ON M5V 2H5

Info: Join the Meetup “The Under 30 European Meetup”


12/14/08 – California: Mikulasska Besidka

Time: 4 PM

Location: Klubovna komplexu La Jolla Mesa Estate; Hw 5, exit La Jolla Village Dr., jeďte na východ, na Genesee vlevo (sever) a pak na východ na Eastgate Mall a hned první odbočka vlevo na Easter Way. Klubovna je vedle bazénu, hledejte cedule! (619 788 7428)

More info: Prineste si oznaceno nadilku pro deti i dospele. Hudební nástroje, dobroty, pití, ovoce na společný stůl; penízky do naší společné kasy. Uvidite manaskove divadlo, vanocni pohadku a muzete se zucastnit her, soutezi, hadanek, koled, phody, Mikulase … Přijďte, pobudeme, pozpíváme, pomějeme se!


12/14/08 – UK: Radlett & Nunthorpe: Wihan Quartet concerts

Time: see below

Info: The Wihan Quartet, formed in 1985 and heirs to the great Czech musical tradition, continues to this day with its original four members. The Quartet’s outstanding reputation for the interpretation of its native Czech heritage and of the many classical, romantic and modern masterpieces of the string quartet repertoire is widely acknowledged.

Thursday 27 November 2008 at 20:15 Radlett Music Club, The Radlett Centre, Radlett
Sunday 14 December 2008 at 19:45 Teeside Music Society, St Bernadette’s Church, Nunthorpe


12/15/08 – Washington D.C.: Annual Christmas Concert, Holiday Gala and Silent Auction

Time: 7 PM (Concert at Concert Hall), 8:30 PM (Auction & Reception at Roof Terrace Level), 9:30 PM – midnight (Dinner & Dancing at Roof Terrace Level)

Location: The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, 2700 F Street, NW, Washington D.C.

Tickets: $25 (a savings of over 35% off of the full price!). Purchase at and use code “STAR” or call 202.244.3669 (M-F, 10 AM – 6 PM) or Call Emily Riffle at (202) 244-3669 ext. 15,  email: or go to

Info: The Choral Arts Society of Washington will hold their annual Christmas concert, holiday gala, and silent auction at the Kennedy Center on Monday, December 15, 2008, at 7 pm.  

This year’s concert will feature Czech Christmas music, sung in Czech, followed by a gala and silent auction chaired by Ambassador Petr Kolar and Mrs. Jaroslava Kolarova. The Choral Arts gala is one of Washington’s most premier fundraisers. This year’s theme, Winter in Wenceslas Square, will feature Czech art, products, and commerce, as well as travel in the Czech Republic.

The concert also will be performed on December 20 and 24 at 1 pm. For Choral Arts concert tickets and more information on the gala, please call Emily Riffle at (202) 244-3669, ext. 15, or go to


12/15/08 – Iowa: Christmas Party

Time: 6 PM

Location: Hus Memorial Presbyterian Church, 2808 Shaeffer dr. SW, Cedar Rapids IA

Info: Hosted by Czech Heritage Foundation. Coffee and punch will be provided; those attending are asked to bring treats and appetizers.


12/17/08 – UK: The London Czech and Slovak Language Meetup

Time: 7 PM

Location: Cesky a Slovensky Klub, 74 West End Lane, London

Info: Join the Meetup #150


12/17/08 – California: Czech Movie at Los Angeles Embassy

Time: 7:30 PM

Location: 10990 Wilshire Blvd. #1100, Los Angeles

Info: Cetnicke Humoresky (Gendarme Follies) by Pavlina Moskalykova


12/19/08 – California: San Diego Meetup

Time: 7 PM

Location: Kashtan European Market & Bistro

Info: Join the meetup #148


12/20/08 – North Carolina: Holiday Party at Prazan’s House

Time: 7 PM

Location: Join the Meetup

Info: If everyone can bring a appetizer or dessert with their choice of beverage. We will have have all the plates, cups, paper products, ice, coffee etc. Bring music or instruments!! Bring your spouse and or family. We will get a roaring fire in the fireplace and the outside fireplace.


12/20/08, 12/24/08 – Washington D.C.: Christmas Music Concert

Time: 7 PM (on 12/15), 1 PM (on 12/20), 1 PM (on 12/24)

Location: Kennedy Center Concert Hall

Info: Norman Scribner – conductor, Kelley Nassief – soprano

Tickets: $25 (a savings of over 35% off of the full price!). Purchase at and use code “STAR” or call 202.244.3669 (M-F, 10 AM – 6 PM)


12/21/08 – Texas: Ice Skating in Grapevine

Time: 1:30 PM

Location: Dr. Pepper Star Center Grapevine, 3000 Grapevine Mills, Pkwy #613, Grapevine, TX 76051, 972-874-1930

Info: Join the meetup #155  


12/21/08 – Washington D.C.: Family Christmas Concert

Time: 2 PM & 4 PM

Location: Kennedy Center Terrace Theater

Info: Joseph Holt – conductor, Mary Hall Surface – director & scriptwriter. Perfect for little ones ages five and older, these playful sell-out concerts feature favorite carols, sing-alongs, and surprise guests including Santa and Rudolph!

Tickets: $20 – $30


12/21/08 – Florida: Holiday Fair

Time: 11 AM – 4 PM

Location: AMERICAN CZECH-SLOVAK CULTURAL CLUB, 13325 Arch Creek Road North Miami, FL 33181, (305) 891-9130

Info: The fair will feature handicrafts, homemade Czech & Slovak Christmas baked goods, jewelry, hand blown Czech ornaments, a raffle and a program about Czech and Slovak holiday traditions. Call: (305) 491-7545 or email:

Price: Private vendor tables: $25


12/21/08 – Maryland: Czechoslovak Interdenominational Services (ČESKOSLOVENSKÉ VÁNOČNÍ BOHOSLUŽBY)

Time: 3 PM

Location: Emmanuel Lutheran Church, 7730 Bradley Blvd., Bethesda, MD

Info: Together we will sing our beloved Czech and Slovak Christmas carols and wish each other a wonderful holiday season during a reception following the services. (Zazpíváme si společně naše české a slovenské koledy a popřejeme si navzájem krásné prožití radostných svátků vánočních při společenské hodince, která bude následovat po bohoslužbách. Budeme vděčni všem, kdo si zakoupí vánoční květinu k uctění památky svých drahých nebo věnuje květinu či peněžní příspěvek ke slávě Boži. Kostelní rada, Tel. (703) 281-2570)


12/23/08 – Ontario: Junior Hockey Championships: Team Czech Republic and Team Sweden

Time: 7 PM

Tickets: $15

Info: Powerade Centre or 905-459-9340 x 101 or


12/23/08 – Virginia: The Northern Virginia Czech Language Meetup

Time: 7 PM

Location: 7500 Mount Holly Lane, Spotsylvania, VA 22401

Info: Join the meetup #154 


12/23/08 – Philadelphia: The Pittsburgh Czech Language Meetup

Time: 7 PM

Location: 1904 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Info: Join the meetup #4


12/25/2008 – California: Christmas Mass in Czech Language

Time: 1:15 PM

Location: Pope Paul II Polish Center, E Imperial Hwy, Yorba Linda, CA 92885


12/29/2008 – Nebraska: The Nebraska Czech Brass Band

Time: 7-9 PM

Location: Omaha’s historic Bohemian Café

Info: Come enjoy a cold beer or a delicious meal while listening to the lively sounds of the NCBB.


12/31/08 – Florida: European New Year Party

Time: 8 PM

Location: South Gate Center, 3145 South Gate Circle, Sarasota, FL

Admission: $65 



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