The Prediction of Princess Libuse is Fulfilling I (Věštba Knežny Libuše se Naplňuje I.)

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Today you can read a great story by Jan Drocár, published today in Pozitivni Noviny. The editors-in-chief kindly asked us to provide English translation of this story to give more people the opportunity to read about the history of the Czech Republic and its significant “players” throughout the history of the country. The article was created in honor of the new U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit to the Czech Republic.

In the article below, you will learn about famous royal ancestors of today’s eminent and important members of our society. Did you know that the first American President, George Washington, and the British Queen Elizabeth II were descendants of the Přemyslid Dynasty? Surprisingly, even Tom Cruise is related to Czech royal families. Find out more in the article below or read its Czech version HERE.

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Uncertainties about the U.S. Radar Base – Payments for it Expected (Nejasnosti Ohledne Americke Radarove Zakladny – Platby za ni Ocekavane)

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Public research in the Czech Republic showed that most Czechs do not agree with the American radar base. Many politicians are also upset and are against it. The U.S. financial support is still sent to the Czech Republic for research. Will the U.S. radar base be built then? We have to wait another couple of months.

Roughly two thirds of Czechs are against the U.S. base. Many of them also hope that the future American president Obama will revoke it. Some politicians plan to meet with him in person to talk about the base. The Czech parliament is going to vote on the Czech-American radar treaty in December, but the U.S. government plans to send $600,000 to Czech universities and research institutes in the Czech Republic for research related to anti-radar technologies.

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