Uncertainties about the U.S. Radar Base – Payments for it Expected (Nejasnosti Ohledne Americke Radarove Zakladny – Platby za ni Ocekavane)

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Public research in the Czech Republic showed that most Czechs do not agree with the American radar base. Many politicians are also upset and are against it. The U.S. financial support is still sent to the Czech Republic for research. Will the U.S. radar base be built then? We have to wait another couple of months.

Roughly two thirds of Czechs are against the U.S. base. Many of them also hope that the future American president Obama will revoke it. Some politicians plan to meet with him in person to talk about the base. The Czech parliament is going to vote on the Czech-American radar treaty in December, but the U.S. government plans to send $600,000 to Czech universities and research institutes in the Czech Republic for research related to anti-radar technologies.

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Czech Prime Minister Will Say Goodbye to Bush (Cesky Premier se Rozlouci s Bushem)

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The current President of the United States George W. Bush, has been actively involved in the abolition of U.S. visas for Czech and Slovak citizens. In January 2009, he will be replaced by Barack Obama. According to Ceske Noviny article, Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek, said that he wants to visit the USA and personally say goodbye to him. He will do so either this year or early next year.


Last week Topolanek had to cancel his trip to the United States because of political tensions in the Czech Parliament. But now he does not plan to cancel this trip. It will be probably his first time flying to the USA without the visa requirement.

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Czechs One Step Closer to Visa Waiver (Cesi Jednim Krokem Blize k Bezvizovemu Styku)

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Today, the Czech government approved one of the two agreements needed for abolition of U.S. visa requirements. The Agreement was designed to prevent and combat serious crime. Now, American authorities will have full access to fingerprints and DNA profiles of Czech citizens. While the document must be approved by the Czech Parliament and signed by the president, it is just a formality, since the visa requirement will be lifted on the 17th of November – on the 19th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, which is recorded in the world history as the final day of the Communist regime in former Czechoslovakia.

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