Czech/Slovak Expatriates (5): Josef Skvorecky (Čeští/slovenští expati (5): Josef Škvorecký)

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Josef ŠkvoreckýAn article by Josef Cermak about Josef Skvorecky, a well-known Czech writer, publisher, and expatriate, who spent much of his life in Canada and celebrates his 85th birthday tomorrow.

I don’t think there are many Czechs unfamiliar with the name Josef Škvorecký, even though they may not know that he was born in Nachod on September 27, 1924. And almost everyone of them knows one or two of his books, books such as The Cowards (Zbabělci), The Miracle Game (Mirákl), The Tank Corps (Tankový prapor), The Engineer of Human Souls (Příběh inženýra lidských duší), or the book I love best, The Swell Season (Prima sezona). If the majority of Škvorecký’ s most popular books focuses on a society, split by ideology, at a time of revolutionary changes, his literary pallet is much richer. The Swell Season is a sensitive portrayal of the maturing process not only of Josef Škvorecký, but his whole generation. Continue reading

Karel Gott Celebrates 70th Birthday! (Karel Gott slaví 70. narozeniny!)

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Who has not heard of Karel Gott, a Czech singer, an amateur painter and a successful entrepreneur that has been voted the best male singer 34 times during his lifetime? The popular singer, also known as the Sinatra of the East, just celebrated his 70th birthday on July 14, but he is still full of energy and drive to continue in his brilliant work.

Gott already celebrated his birthday in style last month. A total of 140 of his colleagues, friends, performers, artists and more came to the O2 Arena to wish him a Happy Birthday. The concert started with a 5-minute applause from about 13 thousand of his fans that filled the auditorium to its full capacity.

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Happy Birthday, Helena!

Barbara Semenov, a journalist, reporter, producer, publisher of CechoAustralan magazine and an author of articles in our “Czech Only” version of named PLUS,was a guest at Helena Vondrackova‘s birthday celebration and was kind enough to report back to us with her experiences and memories of the singer. She wrote:

Today I would like to share with readers of PLUS a wonderful experience from Monday evening in the Prague Theater “Kalich,” where Helena Vondrackova celebrated her sixty-second! birthday. Continue reading