Karel Gott – A Half Century Later (Karel Gott – Pul Stoleti Pozdeji)

Clanek v CESTINE dole (Kliknete na “Read the rest …”) 

Do you know Karel Gott? K. Gott, or Sinatra of the East, is still the most popular Czech pop singer. He won many prizes in the Czech Republic and abroad, such as Luxembourg, Germany, Cannes, Tokyo, etc. While he is in show business for 50 years, he is still very active. If you plan to visit the Czech Republic or Slovakia in the near future, do not miss his 2008 tour, or visit his museums and villa near Prague.

So where Gott sings right now? His tour started on the 5th of November in Plzen; then he sang in Ceske Budejovice. His next concert will be on the 10th of November in Ostrava. The tour will continue until December 3rd. You can find our detailed list of his concerts with the web information at the end of the article. Continue reading