Czech Hotels Don’t Attract Foreign Tourists Anymore (Ceske Hotely Jiz Nelakaji Zahranicni Turisty)

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Many of you may already know that the Czech Republic is overcrowded by tourists. Our visit to Prague last Christmas definitely confirmed this. All squares and main streets were congested by tourists from around the world. During this year, the number of tourists increased further, but according to Czech statistical offices, the number of nights spent in Czech hotels has decreased, as well as interest in Czech hotels. Could it be due to a bad economic situation in the world?

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Where to Ski in The Czech Republic? (Kde se Lyzuje v Ceske Republice?)

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The Czech Republic is still popular in the winter season. You will find many places for skiing and snowboarding and prices are still acceptable. Winter resorts are well maintained and, mainly, are very close to Prague.


The nearest resort from Prague is Krkonse, which includes Spindleruv Mlyn, Harrachov, or Pec pod Snezkou. Spindleruv Mlyn is cheaper this year, as you can see in the table at the end of our article prepared by Czech Tourism agency. Do not forget to read their article about eight different locations in the Czech mountains for this season.

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Ceske Byty z Pohledu Americana v Prekladu (Czech Apartments by Americans Translated to Czech)

This time English version below.

Nedavno jsme vydali clanek o pohledu Americana na cesky byt v Praze. Uvedomili jsme si, ze Cesti ctenari si nebudou moci precist tento clanek, a proto piseme tento preklad pro vsechny, kteri by chteli zjistit, jake se na nase byty diva cizinec – American.



Je to vzdycky napinave prochazet se novym domovem. Otevrete vsechny dvere, nadsen k nahlednuti do kazde mistnosti.

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Green Cards in the Czech Republic Are Not for Everyone (Zelene Karty v Ceske Republice Nejsou pro Vsechny)

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The new announcement by the Ministry of Interior identified countries that will be included in the Green Card program. As you remember, we announced this program over a month ago. So far 28 countries will be included but the list is not complete.


The Minister of Interior stated that their decisions were made based on security and health risks. Therefore, foreigners from countries not included in the list (below) won’t be able to apply for green cards but could apply for work permits.

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