A Magazine Connecting Czechs around the World (Časopis, který spojuje Čechy ve světě)

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Exactly 20 years ago, Eva Střížovská came up with a great idea that led her to the foundation of a magazine called Český dialog (Czech Dialogue). During that time Czechoslovakia became free of communism right after the Velvet Revolution. The country was going through major changes and its citizens were finally free to travel to almost any country in the world. As Czechs were able to travel abroad, the Czech emigrants had a chance to travel back to their home country. Here the magazine served its great purpose to help people to overcome barriers and differences between the Czechs at home and their countrymen that were artificially created by the Communists. Over the years, the magazine became very popular and it not only helped to overcome these differences, but it also led to foundation of the International Czech Club connecting Czechs around the world through cultural events, discussions, meetings and much more.

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Do You Want to Meet with Czechs and Slovaks? (Chcete se Setkat s Cechy a Slovaky?)

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The current list of Czech and Slovak Meetup can be found HERE (Aktualni seznam Ceskych a Slovenskych Meetupu ZDE).

There are many ways to network with other Czechs and Slovaks but one of the most popular is through the web. One of the resources you can use is Meetup (www.meetup.com). This online social networking portal connects people around the world that share the same interests. It allows members to find and join different groups (language, computer games, movies, books, politics, health, pets, or careers). So why won’t you try it too? Czech/Slovak Meetups welcome anybody – Czechs, Slovaks, Czech/Slovak-Americans, or even Americans! Join to learn more about Czech and Slovak culture, language, food, traditions and much more.


Here is the most recent list of Czech and Slovak Meetups as of September 2008 (scroll below):

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Getting in Touch with Czechs? Your Appearance May be Judged! (Davate se Dohromady s Cechy? Vas Vzhled Muze byt Hodnocen!)

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I have lived in the U.S.A. for a while. I have to say I assimilated very well and don’t feel homesick as I did in the beginning. Even though I browse Czech websites from time to time, my Czech is not what it used to be; especially the written part. One of the reasons may be that I don’t keep in touch with my friends much anymore. Well, we still write short emails to each other but very rarely and calling is not convenient with the time difference. Thus, I decided to register with two Czech social networking websites in order to stay connected: http://www.spoluzaci.cz/ and http://www.lide.cz/ and I made some surprising observations.

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Hello Czech/American Citizens! (Vitejte Cesko/Americti Obcane!)

Welcome to this new site about the Czech Republic, Czech citizens, Czech culture, and much more. The site is created exclusively by a couple living in the U.S.A. One author was born in the Czech Republic and has lived in the U.S.A. for about 10 years. The second author was born in the U.S.A. but his parents are immigrants from Czechoslovakia. Both authors speak fluent Czech and English and have much to contribute to this site.


Vítejte na této webstránce zaměřené na Českou republiku, české občany, českou kulturu a mnohem více. Tato stránka byla vytvoren exkluzívně dvojicí žijící v U.S.A. První autor je původem z České republiky a žije v U.S.A. okolo 10-ti let. Druhý autor se narodil v U.S.A. ale jeho rodiče jsou imigranti z Ceskoslovenska. Oba autoři mluví plynule česky a anglicky a přispívají na teto webstránce.


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