In Memory of Waldemar Matuska (Na památku Waldemara Matušky)

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Yesterday, a great Czech singer and actor, Waldemar Matuska passed away at the age of 76. Waldemar Matuska was actually born in Košice, Slovakia, but he spent most of his life in Prague. During his life in the former Czechoslovakia, he was very popular and twice won the Golden Nightingale poll. As an actor, he performed; for example, with Jiri Suchy and Karel Stedry and he played in many movies, such as, All My Good Countrymen (Všichni dobří rodáci), Lemonade Joe (Limonádový Joe), If a Thousand Clarinets (Kdyby tisíc klarinetů), A Night at Karlstein (Noc na Karlštějně), The Hit (Trhák) and more. When he immigrated to the USA in 1986, the communist party published an article in “Rudé právo” magazine entitled “The moral fall of a singer.” His songs were banned and even his opening song for a Czech TV series Cottagers (Chalupáři) was edited and his voice was removed. Luckily, the infamous label he received soon vanished after the fall of communism in 1989 and Matuska was able to frequently visit his home country.

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Karel Gott – A Half Century Later (Karel Gott – Pul Stoleti Pozdeji)

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Do you know Karel Gott? K. Gott, or Sinatra of the East, is still the most popular Czech pop singer. He won many prizes in the Czech Republic and abroad, such as Luxembourg, Germany, Cannes, Tokyo, etc. While he is in show business for 50 years, he is still very active. If you plan to visit the Czech Republic or Slovakia in the near future, do not miss his 2008 tour, or visit his museums and villa near Prague.

So where Gott sings right now? His tour started on the 5th of November in Plzen; then he sang in Ceske Budejovice. His next concert will be on the 10th of November in Ostrava. The tour will continue until December 3rd. You can find our detailed list of his concerts with the web information at the end of the article. Continue reading

Czech Events in USA – Anna K USA Tour 2008 (Vystoupeni Anny K v USA)

Anna K is one of the recent shining stars of the Czech popular music. She was born in 1966 (4th of January) in Spindleruv Mlyn and her real name was Lucianna Krecarova. Her first appearance in public was when she was just eight years old in a play Kytice. Her first alum called Ja Nezapominam (1993) was not very successful but she still sold over 20,000 copies. Her second album, Amulet (1995), was created together with P.B.CH (Wanastowi Vjecy) and Oskar Petr but it was still not a hit. Finally, her third album, called Nebe (1999), was nominated for three Grammies. Since then she won many Grammy awards, such as:

  • – Singer of the Year (twice)
  • – Album of the Year
  • – Song of the Year
  • – Video of the Year
  • – Album Cover of the Year (twice)

For more information about Anna K on her webpage (click on “Hudba”), myspace or youtube.

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