An Easter to Remember (Nezapomenutelné Velikonoce)

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Here is one personal story about Easter in the Czech Republic:

This Easter I was reminded of a trip to the Czech Republic during April of 1998. I remember sitting outside of the cabin at my relatives’ garden plot enjoying the warmer days after a pretty cold winter. My enjoyment was short lived when all of a sudden a group of young men approached our garden like an army commando and before I could take in the situation they were whipping my female cousin and her mom. I was completely in shock ready to defend them but when they began to douse them with water I soon realized that although they were screaming somehow they were not in peril from these would-be assailants.

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Crocheted Czech Christmas Cookies – Last Forever! (Hackovane Vanocni Cukrovi – Vydrzi Navzdy!)

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If you look at this picture, you would say: “Oh, just another picture of Czech Christmas Cookies,” but you would overlook a significant detail. These cookies are crocheted out of wool and are only used for decoration! This great idea was accepted by many Czechs since they have a great opportunity to decorate their tables or trees without worrying about gaining extra pounds/kilograms during this calorie-enriched holiday season.


Renata Kuczerova, a businesswoman from Ostrava, started with a few pieces at first but her four children really loved them and inspired her to create this amazing collection. On the other hand, her husband was not very pleased. The cookies are also soaked in different fabric softeners (vanilla, coconut and others) to give them their original and mouth-watering scents.

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2nd of November – All Souls’ Day (2. Listopad – Dusicky)

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Every year, on the 2nd of November, the Czechs and Slovaks celebrate Dusicky a.k.a. Pamatka zesnulych (All Souls’ Day) by putting candles by graves of their loved ones.  All Souls’ Day is celebrated after All Saints’ Day (Nov. 1), and it was introduced by a French abbot Odilio. This holiday, however, is much older. It dates back from the Celtic tradition of Samhain, the Celtic New Year, when our world blends with the world of souls. That night people placed candles by their houses so the souls of the dead could find their ways to them.

All Souls’ Day is celebrated around the world, but in different forms. In the United States, Australia, Ireland, etc., is celebrated under the name Halloween. The name was taken from the original name All Hallow’s Even, and was founded in the 19th century. People in the countries named above believe that on this night, the human world and the world of souls connect and the dead walk freely on Earth in forms of skeletons, mummies, etc., and therefore people wear costumes to blend with them. Continue reading

Green Cards in the Czech Republic (Zelené Karty v České Republice)

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On Friday, Sept 19th 2008, the Czech Senate approved a bill amendment that would make it easier to attract qualified staff from abroad to the Czech Republic. This movement is expected to bolster the Czech Republic’s supply of skilled workers from outside the European Union. If the amendment is signed by the president, the first green cards could be issued in January 2009. People’s reactions vary, though. Will this movement do any harm to the Czech nation?

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Do You Want to Meet with Czechs and Slovaks? (Chcete se Setkat s Cechy a Slovaky?)

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The current list of Czech and Slovak Meetup can be found HERE (Aktualni seznam Ceskych a Slovenskych Meetupu ZDE).

There are many ways to network with other Czechs and Slovaks but one of the most popular is through the web. One of the resources you can use is Meetup ( This online social networking portal connects people around the world that share the same interests. It allows members to find and join different groups (language, computer games, movies, books, politics, health, pets, or careers). So why won’t you try it too? Czech/Slovak Meetups welcome anybody – Czechs, Slovaks, Czech/Slovak-Americans, or even Americans! Join to learn more about Czech and Slovak culture, language, food, traditions and much more.


Here is the most recent list of Czech and Slovak Meetups as of September 2008 (scroll below):

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