It Is Finally Official! (Je To Konečně Oficiální!)

Článek v ČEŠTINĚ dole (Klikněte na “Read the rest …”)

EU Flag (

Even though the Czech Republic assumed the EU presidency on January 1st, the celebration with EU and Czech government officials was scheduled for the 7th of January. The EU officials spent the whole day in Prague to experience the Czech cuisine and learn about our culture, and in the evening they had a chance to attend a celebration ceremony in the National Theatre in Prague. Many politicians, diplomats and other important figures attended this event; however, the Czech President Vaclav Klaus was absent.

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Green Cards in the Czech Republic (Zelené Karty v České Republice)

Clanek v CESTINE dole.

On Friday, Sept 19th 2008, the Czech Senate approved a bill amendment that would make it easier to attract qualified staff from abroad to the Czech Republic. This movement is expected to bolster the Czech Republic’s supply of skilled workers from outside the European Union. If the amendment is signed by the president, the first green cards could be issued in January 2009. People’s reactions vary, though. Will this movement do any harm to the Czech nation?

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