Email interview: Jan Kavalír interviews Josef Čermák (E-mailový rozhovor: Jan Kavalír zpovídá Josefa Čermáka)

Článek v ČEŠTINĚ dole (Klikněte na “Read the rest …”)

Author: Josef Cermak ( PLUS)


Q.: When did you emigrate to Canada and why? Was it entirely for political reasons? And why Canada?

A. I left Czechoslovakia (on my knees, secretly, “over the hillocks”) with my blacksmith friend Lada Dufek on October 28, 1949 (we were selfishly counting on the police raging in Prague). ‘Our’ ship, ‘U.S.A.T. Le Roy Eltinge’ arrived in Canada (in Halifax) on April 23, 1949. That ship wasn’t completely ‘ours’ but we Czechoslovaks formed a formidable group: 113 people. Continue reading

What Are the Czechs Doing in Canada? (Co Dělají Češi v Kanadě?)

Článek v ČEŠTINĚ dole (Klikněte na “Read the rest …”)

Last year we already introduced Meetups to you – meeting groups that are created by people of similar interests. Meetups are also important for our culture since they allow us, countrymen, to meet together to share our experiences from living abroad, to speak our language, and feel like at home. In order to bring you the current events, we try to stay connected with Czech and Slovak Meetups in the USA and Canada. Announcing events, however, would not be enough to describe how great it is that these groups exist. That is why we are introducing to you the Czech Language Meetup in Canada. Our friends at allowed us not only to write about the group but also bring you the atmosphere through the audio interview available here but also at the site named above.

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