How Well do You Know the Czech Republic? & Sweepstakes Results (Jak dobře znáte Českou republiku a výsledky soutěže)

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A couple of months ago we announced a new sweepstakes with one history question. We did not realize how many people would respond to this article. The question was either very easy or all of our readers know about the history of the Czech Republic. Since we wanted to be fair, we went through all the results and verified the membership. Then we had to put in a pool of hundreds of emails to select one winner that will receive a mug and a T-shirt of a choice from our partner ABC imports. We were so pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming response by our readership that we decided to select one more winner that will receive a T-shirt of a choice. ABC imports also wanted to thank to all the readers that answered our question for the sweepstakes. They all will receive a code to redeem $5 cash back on their purchase from the partner’s site. We hope to start a new drawing soon, thus stay tuned for our new postings. Continue reading