Karel Gott – Another Czech Nightingale Trophy (Karel Gott – Dalsi Vitezna Cena Ceskeho Slavika)

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In our latest series of Famous People, we mentioned the Czech singer Karel Gott. We also revealed that the next Czech Nightingale Award Show would be in December. Today, we can share with you the results of this popular Czech show, where Czech viewers cast their voices; thus, making this show sligthly comparable to the American TV show called American Idol.

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Czech Republic Sent Money to Cedar Rapids (Ceska Republika Poslala Penize do Cedar Rapids)

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In our last article we mentioned that the Czech government has pledged 10 million crowns in the regeneration of the Cedar Rapids Czech Village, Iowa. Last week, Czech Ambassador Petr Kolar visited Cedar Rapids to pass on financial support from the Czech Republic in the value of $ 583,780. That moment was very important for everybody in the city, because it will help in returning the Czech village to its original condition.

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Hasal’s Family Priceless Gift (Nedocenitelny Dar Hasalovy Rodiny)

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On September 4th, our Czech Ambassador in Washington, D.C. Petr Kolar, held a ceremony at which Dagmar White, daughter of General Antonin Hasal (1893 – 1960), donated her father’s WWII uniform to the permanent collection of the Military History Institute in Prague. This generous gift showed how much this family is still connected to the Czech Republic, Antonin Hasal’s home country.


General Hasal was born in 1893 in the Austro-Hungarian town Nova Hut pod Nizborem. During World War I, he was called to serve in the Austro-Hungarian Army but he decided to volunteer for the Czechoslovak legion in Russia. He returned to Czechoslovakia as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1920 and later he became Lieutenant General.

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