Czech and Slovak Textile Folk Art (Textil v lidové tvorbě)

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Zástěra Milotice u Kyjova, 1880 (Apron from Milotice, near Kyjov, 1880)Author: Antonin Vaclavik ( PLUS)

(Translated by Helena Kaczérová)


There are not many countries and nations in the world today which can still boast, of such rich folk art as that peculiar to Czechoslovakia and its peoples. Its immense wealth, endless variety of form, colors – sometimes bright, sometimes soft – its remarkablemony and fineness of work, have won for the art of the Czech and Slovak people the admiration of all who have met with it.

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Saint Nicholas and Human Generosity (Svatý Mikuláš a lidská velkorysost)

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December 6th is Saint Nicholas Day in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This day is special for children as well as for their parents. Last year we described what happens when a child meets St. Nicholas, the devil and the angel, but this year we would like to share with you a tradition and a recipe that one immigrant family follows while they share their love with others on the eve of this special day. Continue reading

Don‘t Miss the Slovak Food Cooking Guide and Sauerkraut Soup Recipe (Nepřehlédněte průvodce vařením slovenského jídla a recept na zelnou polévku)

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Recently, we have been watching message threads by a Slovak student living in the USA. He was trying to locate a store that was selling poppy seeds. “Why would somebody desperately search for poppy seeds that we can find everywhere?” we asked ourselves. Well, today we know and would like to share it with you along with our great discovery of simple and easy to follow recipes from a website that offers weekly Slovak recipes with ingredients that can be purchased in the USA. The site also includes a recipe for plum dumplings, which were discussed in one of our earlier posts; thus, now you can see their preparation with all the necessary details. Continue reading

Curiosities: Luxurious Furniture Made of Czech Pianos (Kuriozity: Luxusní nábytek z českých pian)

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Do not worry; this article is not about destroying delicate instruments to make high class furniture. It explains the recent change in a company’s goal to overcome the current economic crisis. Petrof, a major piano factory in Hradec Kralove switched a portion of its piano production to furniture design and manufacturing. The company has a long history in piano making. It not only survived two world wars, but also 40 years of the communist regime. Today it is dealing with another challenge and it is once again using creative new business models to overcome it. Continue reading