Tribute to Vaclav Havel (Pocta Václavu Havlovi)

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vaclav-havelToday, the former Czechoslovak and Czech President, Vaclav Havel, has “peacefully” passed away in his sleep in his cottage. He was 75 years old.

Vaclav Havel was the most famous Czech politician in the world. The former playwright, who was a major figure in fight against Communism, later became the president of Czechoslovakia and later the Czech Republic.

His motto: “truth and love must prevail over lies and hatred” will stay embedded in our hearts as well as his contribution to the freedom of all Czechs and Slovaks at home and around the world. We extend our condolences to President Havel’s family. He will never be forgotten.

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Vaclav Havel – A Year Later Hospitalized Again (Václav Havel – Po Roce Opět Hospitalizován)

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The former president of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Havel, was hospitalized and underwent throat surgery. After the surgery he suffered complications and was in serious conditions. His condition; however, just slightly improved compared to Wednesday morning. He is able to move and eat but he is very tired and needs a respiratory to breath. His wife, Dagmar Havlova, visits him on regular basis but even her visits are limited to give the former country leader a better opportunity for quicker recovery. 

Less than a year ago, Vaclav Havel ended up in the hospital. Last year he suffered from bronchitis and complained of a heart problem. His condition was not serious at that time but he needed intensive treatments. Havel used to be a heavy smoker and frequently experienced health problems. After his operation to remove lung cancer and other surgeries, he had breathing difficulties and needed extra care to treat other health problems caused by these invasive treatments.

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It Is Finally Official! (Je To Konečně Oficiální!)

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EU Flag (

Even though the Czech Republic assumed the EU presidency on January 1st, the celebration with EU and Czech government officials was scheduled for the 7th of January. The EU officials spent the whole day in Prague to experience the Czech cuisine and learn about our culture, and in the evening they had a chance to attend a celebration ceremony in the National Theatre in Prague. Many politicians, diplomats and other important figures attended this event; however, the Czech President Vaclav Klaus was absent.

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Dagmar Havlova’s TV Comeback (Dagmar Havlova se Vraci do Televize)

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This Sunday the Czech audience will have a great opportunity to watch a new television movie premiere called “Kanadska Noc” (Canadian Night) with Dagmar Havlova, the wife of the former president of the Czech Republic – Vaclav Havel. The dramatic story is about two parents that lose their only son during his studies in Canada. This film, which will certainly touch the hearts of many viewers, is directed by Zdenek Zelenka and it is based on a true story.

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Havel’s Play in Slovakia After 40 Years (Havlova Hra na Slovensku po 40ti Letech)

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On Saturday, November 22nd, Vaclav Havel was written into the history of Slovakia. That day the Slovak National Theater presented his new play Odchazeni (Leaving). Havel’s last plays were introduced in Slovakia more than 40 years ago. The theater also could have been the first place in the world to introduce this play, but ultimately it was premiered in Prague first. Havel’s play was also unique in a way since the author started writing it before the Velvet Revolution in 1989, but completing it just last year (2007). Odchazeni was not only interesting for its creative development throughout Havel’s life, its own story with a political focus, but also the circumstances under which it was presented to the public.

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Plastic People Helped Bring Freedom to Czechoslovakians (PP Pomohli Prinest Cechoslovakum Svobodu)

Our October calendar lists all activities for Czechs and Slovaks around the world. One of them is a concert of a Czech band called Plastic People of the Universe (PPU). We have to admit, at the time we were preparing our calendar of events, we did not know the band or its contribution to the freedom of all Czech and Slovak citizens.


A couple of days ago we decided to find articles about the band and to watch their video clips. What we found was great music and a remarkable life story of their pride and resistance to the Czechoslovakian Communist party.


The band was formed by bassist Milan Hlavsa right after the Soviet invasion on August 21st, 1968 in attempts to stop the Prague Spring, a period of political liberalization in Czechoslovakia. The name was taken from Frank Zappa’s song entitled Plastic People. The same year Russians initiated a “normalization” program to reestablish moral and social behavior to make it more appropriate for a Communist country.

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