The Unforgettable Vecernicek Is Not Going Away Anytime Soon (Nezapomenutelný Večerníček ještě nepůjde pryč)

Článek v ČEŠTINĚ dole (Klikněte na “Read the rest …”)

If you understood the title above, you know we are talking about the short evening children’s series on Czech TV. Vecernicek is the name of a boy (translated: Little Eveninger) that brings short fairytales to  little Czech or Slovak children every evening (“vecer”). During communism, this was a special time for kids, since at that time, the TV program selection was very poor.

Today, Czech and Slovak TV has many shows for children of all ages. Vecernicek is not as popular as it used to be. That is why Czech TV, Ceska Televize, has decided to move this show to their second channel. Continue reading